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Hospital pharmacists association of ireland

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups should make an annual report to the HPAI Exec prior to Conference.  General outline available here

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can apply to the HPAI Executive for funding to facilitate meetings and events.  Requests should be made to hpaieducation@gmail.com using the attached request.

Any members who wish to set up a SIG can do so by petitioning the Exec with a Terms of Reference and Committee Draft ToF 

Our programs

A number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) hold regular meetings throughout the year and network closely to exchange information.  These include:

Irish Antimicrobial Pharmacists’ Group (IAPG)

To maximise the impact Irish Hospital Pharmacists can make in ensuring quality antimicrobial prescribing in Irish hospitals, and in doing so promote best practice in antimicrobial stewardship and patient care. To develop and disseminate strategies on appropriate and cost-effective use of antimicrobials in hospitals.
Role and Function
Provide a voice to represent the views of Antimicrobial Pharmacists on a national level under the guidance of the HPAI executive committee.

Provide a collective forum for discussion, networking and the sharing of relevant information and ideas.

Assist in the provision of continued professional development for all members of the HPAI with an interest in antimicrobial stewardship.

Liaise with and report to the HPAI executive committee on additional relevant matters through a link representative

Contact Sabrina O'Regan 

Email sabrina.oregan@hse.ie

Forum IAPG Forum 

Aseptics Special Interest Group (ASIG)


To create a communication network for pharmacists working in Aseptic Services

To promote the educational requirements of the specialist pharmacist working in Aseptic Services

To promote the role of the specialist pharmacist in Aseptic Services both internal and external to the profession

 Role and Function

To facilitate and organise study days

To facilitate and co-ordinate project work on topics of general interest

To ensure that the requirements and/or role of Aseptic Services is included in national agendas and projects


Hospital Pharmacists, who are members of the HPAI, with a specialist or general interest in Aseptic Services.

Contact Olivia Flynn olivia.flynn@hse.ie

Forum ASSIG Forum

Care of the Older Person

The Care of the Older Person SIG aims to bring together pharmacists with an interest in working with Older People. Committee members are Niamh McMahon (Chairperson), Joanna Carroll (Secretary), Kieran Brennan and Clare Kinahan.

Contact Niamh Mc Mahon

Email NMCMAHON@stjames.ie

Forum COOP Forum 

Cardiology Special Interest Group

The Cardiology SIG aims to be a be a contact group of pharmacists who have a shared interest in Cardiology.  Contact: Virginia Silvari (vsilvari@gmail.com) and Susan Brosnan (sbrosnan@svhg.ie).

Forum CSIG Forum 

Critical Care Special Interest Group 

A group of hospital pharmacists working and interested in critical care.  A forum for sharing information.  Aiming to provide educational events with enough interest.


Forum CCSIG Forum

Mental Health Special Interest Group

The Mental Health Pharmacists SIG is a national network of pharmacists working within specialist Mental Health Services or who may have an interest in Mental Health Pharmacy.  The group was set up to allow members share their experiences, ideas and knowledge in order to improve their own practice and to maximise patient care. 

Our SIG mission is to optimise patient care and safety by encouraging, promoting and developing the role of the pharmacist as a multidisciplinary team member.

We hold several educational meetings throughout the year and members also have access to a group e-mail chat forum.   


Forum MHSIG Forum

Renal Specialist Interest Group 

The first meeting of the Renal SIG occured at Conference 2018.


Support pharmacists to maximise benefit and minimise risk in the provision of pharmaceutical care to patients with renal impairment.

Role and Function

1.         Create and maintain a member e-mail/web forum for sharing information.

2.         Provide educational & CPD opportunities based on identified CPD needs.

3.         Contribute to the evolving role of the specialist renal pharmacist in the Irish Healthcare setting.

4.         Forum for collaborative research.

5.         Networking/building communication lines with pharmacy & wider renal community.

Contact Martin Ferguson martinferguson@beaumont.ie

Forum RPSIG Forum

About the association

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland (HPAI) is a voluntary organisation that represents it members on issues relevant to hospital pharmacists.

Mission Statement

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland exists to:

  • further the development of hospital pharmacy practices.
  • assist in the provision of continuing pharmaceutical education.
  • represent the views of the hospital pharmacist on issues of relevance to hospital pharmacy.
  • advance the professional welfare of our members



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